Hiking & Outdoor

The Idre area is a real oasis when it comes to hiking and outdoor life activities!
Here you will find some real treats for all types of nature lovers and walkers. How about Dalecarlias highest mountain top Städjan with their 1131m above sea level. The area also offers Njupeskär, the highest waterfall in Sweden and the worlds oldest tree in our national park Fulufjället. Why not also visit the high mountain area of Grövelsjön and the countless number of hiking trails.

A great website(in swedish) to visit for activities in the Idre area: www.gardsio-idre.se
Also visit the official tourist website: www.visitidre.se

We have everything for hiking and outdoor life in the store!

Whether you want to hike a shorter couple of hours or for several days in unspoiled terrain, we have the equipment for you at Idrefjällens Sport. You will find hiking equipment such as boots, clothes, backpacks, overnight-, cooking-, safety equipment and more. We stock products from Pinewood, Swedteam, Fjällräven, Nokian Footwear, Triangia, Dale of Norway and others.